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Around the age of six, your child’s adult teeth will start to arrive

It feels like our little ones grow up so fast, however the enamel on new "big" teeth doesn't develop quite as quickly as they do. This means their teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay than yours.

AQUAFRESH My Big Teeth toothpaste, brushes and mouthwashes for children

Kids big adult teeth toothpaste

AQUAFRESH My Big Teeth toothpaste is a gentle, foaming toothpaste specially designed for children aged 6+ years. It has Sugar Acid Protection, provided by fluoride, which helps strengthen enamel and protects not only their milk teeth from decay, but also their new adult teeth. For all-round protection, kids can also use our My Big Teeth mouthwashes and cool-looking My Big Teeth brushes too.

Big Teeth Sugar acid protection kids toothpaste

AQUAFRESH My Big Teeth Toothpaste

  • 1450 ppm fluoride level
  • Child friendly fresh mint flavour
  • Low abrasivity
  • Sugar Acid Protection
Kids big teeth toothbrush

AQUAFRESH My Big Teeth Toothbrushes

  • Mixed bristles to help clean in between teeth
  • Suction foot for easy stand up
  • Soft bristles help reduce the risk of damage to gums
Alcohol free big teeth child mouthwash

AQUAFRESH My Big Teeth Mouthwash

  • Available in Fresh Mint and Fruity Flavour
  • 225 ppm fluoride level
  • Alcohol free


*Sugar Acid Protection provided by fluoride, with twice-daily brushing

Easy ways to make brushing
your child's teeth fun

We’ve worked with lots of children and their parents to help children engage with brushing their teeth and encourage good habits. Having fun is key. So find out how you can help your child enjoy taking care of their teeth.