Aquafresh kids expert care for healthy teeth

From their first appearance, to when they go all wobbly and right up to when their permanent teeth arrive, we’re here to make sure your little one’s teeth grow up strong.


Gentle protection for baby’s first teeth.


Caring protection for growing little teeth.


Expert protection for mixed teeth, gaps and gums.


Special protection 
for new
permanent teeth.


Every new tooth is a breakthrough, a milestone in the story of your little one’s mouth. From the moment one peeks through to when the last one wobbles free, Aquafresh is here to help you every step of the way. 

Looking after these precious little teeth is important because their enamel is 50% thinner than your adult teeth and needs extra care. Milk teeth pave the way for healthy and strong adult teeth so it’s doubly important to give them gentle protection.

We know a lot about this journey from the first tooth to a full set. Our dental experts have developed a range of products to help at every stage of your child’s oral health development.


Watch Captain Aquafresh help kids teeth grow
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Helping kids brush for longer!

It’s hard to hold their attention when brushing their teeth for two minutes…but necessary. Let’s make it fun! It’s very important we get brush time established as soon as we can because the habits we build now will last a lifetime.

Our App makes brush time, fun time! Start by picking a character, choosing a location and let the dancing take you through two minutes of exciting brushing.

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